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My journey to Happy and Fit Project

This is the first ever Happy and Fit Project Blog Post, exciting times. As the title suggests this post is about my journey to Happy and Fit Project, 12WBT and why I decided to join for a second round.

Flashback to the start of this year, I was depressed, anxious and just generally struggling with life. I felt out of control. I had an incredibly stressful and unpleasant experience with regards to my PhD towards the end of 2016, that rolled over into the new year. I was working long hours and not really having proper weekends or down time from it. I wasn’t practicing self-care and it showed. And I hate to admit it but I even started taking it out on my partner (aka Cop Nerd). He was being supportive, loving and caring, pretty much a rock star and let’s face it, I was a being a b*!ch at times. I was taking my emotions and negative feelings about myself out on him.  As a result I was feeling all types of guilty.

So I decided a massive change was needed, a total #reset on my life. I knew this was a multi-layer reset that needed to occur and not in just one aspect of my life; mental, physical and emotional. I knew that without  a holistic approach and all three in conjunction, I would ultimately be setting myself up for another “life is out of control” situation.

I talked to Cop Nerd about how I wanted to go see a psychologist. He was supportive and got me in contact with the police counselling service. This service is incredible, and the people I dealt with were awesome. If you are a partner of a police officer I would highly recommend looking into what services are available to you! I was entitled to 6 sessions, and could chose between 4 private clinics. If you aren’t, check with your employer as I know other organisations, especially government, offer similar service.

But I knew that seeing a professional, could only help so much with my mental health. I knew there was the physical, self-care aspect that I needed to get in order. Enter 12WBT. I looked up a variety of different programs, and I liked the approach with the inclusion of the mindset videos (plus I have always admired Michelle Bridges). So I raised it with Cop Nerd that this is something that I wanted to do, and he was pretty much like I will support you no matter what you do, but it is a decent amount of money so if you want to do it we have to commit to finish. So I signed up the day before the February round started and I made my instagram account @happyandfitproject. I wanted to share my journey with like-minded people, have a level of accountability and feel like I was apart of a community.

I set my goals and I developed a routine. I always thought I needed routine, but through this experience I have learned that I am a creature of habit. ROUTINE IS A MUST FOR ME! I went to the gym in the morning before work, then I worked “normal hours” (8-5), I meal planned and prep’d, I started a grateful log every night (per the psychologist ’s advice). I did all the basics and I did them consistently. What I noticed is my focus started to shift, I wasn’t letting work consume my life and I was somewhat emotionally disconnecting myself from work, in the sense that I started to see work, just as that work. I wasn’t associating my identity with work, it wasn’t defining who I was it was purely what I did and that was such a weight lifted.

So at the end of the round I was feeling amazing, mentally, physically and emotionally and I knew I wanted more. I wanted another challenge. I found another fitness program to do and off I went. TBH I think I lasted two weeks, I didn’t like the program. I didn’t like the way the exercises were organised, it just didn’t feel right to me. Then I went and had the most incredible get-away with Cop Nerd, and came back and struggled to get back into the routine. So yet again, the Sunday before the round started, I joined again.


Please note: This is not a paid or sponsored post and the views expressed in this post are my own. You should always contact a healthcare physician before starting a health and exercise program. 

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